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There are 51 restaurants
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كاتو دوول نوبيان هاوس
89/100 (310 ratings)
الشرق أوسطية
الأطعمة البحرية
حتى آخر الليل
"The magical place on earth that i would never forget.. I loved all the details of it: location, decoration, architecture, colors, life, nature, and..."
Farah Al-Omar
"The view & service are really Good ... helpful ... food was nice ... i enjoyed in this hotel every little thing ... Good job & good luck..."
Sandra Atallah
"Very friendly people and the place was very amazing and clean and the people there are very helpful and the view is more than perfect good luck guys..."
Ahmed Tarek Abdel Aziz
"Bright place with cozy ambiance , colors,music and nile view creates a real relaxing..."
Lobna Abubakr
"طبتم وطاب ممشاكم وتبوأتم من الجنة منزلاً ، جزيل الشكر لحسن المعاملة و كرم الضيافة..."
Muhammad Annaggar
"The view is awesome and the people were super nice. It is very close to the local market and the food was really..."
Doha Ehab
"Colourful house , clean rooms , great service A perfect place to relax in front of Nile and listening to..."
Mariam Maher Mounir
"المكان رائع جدا واروع ما فيه ناسه تحياتى للاهل كاتو دوول وان شاء الله تتكرر و يكون..."
Noor Ali
"one of the best places to stay in Nouba� hospitality Hospitality..."
Mohammad Ahmad Galal
"المكان حلوو .. ستايل جمييل و ذوقه تحفة ... قاعدة مختلفة ف غرب سهيل ... صاحب المكان ذوق..."
Sylvia Nader
"Lovely place and very kind people... The experience was..."
Amira Abdou