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There are 43 restaurants
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سترال برك
84/100 (1374 ratings)
وجبات سريعة
"I heard very good things about this place but turned out.. its even better! The attention to details, the staff friendliness, delicious drinks and..."
Abdelrahman El-Beblawy
"Went there last year. was worth it ..."
Samia Salem
"I loved the setting and everything about the place. Definitely i will come back though i live in Cairo, but dont mind just spending a brief weekend..."
Ola Hashem
"It is an amazing place really everything was perfect The desserts tastes good and also the beverages ,really i liked the place and yes it looks..."
Ghada Essam
"Guyysss u made my day wallahi � the place is perfect u saved every tiny little detail there .. it feels like .. omg there is no like � u watch..."
Alaa Akram
"Central Perk is a Café/Restaurant in Port Said that's based on the popular TV Series - F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Everything's here is based on the Series;..."
Omar Aly Abdou
"Well i can say that it almost brought tears to me and my friends due to the smillarty between the place and the original place certainly it deserved..."
Mohamed Hatem
"Nice place, decent staff, speed service, and delicious..."
Tarek Yousef
"It feels like home, i loved every single part in this place, the atmosphere is cosy also the stuff are..."
Mai ElShamy
"ربنا يوفقكم يارب و من نجاح لنجاح بإذن الله شباب..."
Shereef Moustafa ELshammaa
"Amazing place... And I will try to go to the central perk again with my..."
Khalid Muhammed Eid
"جميلة جميلة جميلة، المكان دا بحس انه بيتى اساسا، والستاف محترم..."
Ahmed Ali
"المكان جميل و هادي مناسب لمحبي مثلثل friends بحيث ان الديكور متشابه المشروبات و..."
Mony Mir
"لكل محبي مسلسل فريندز.. ده مكان احلامكم .. الكافيه معمول بنفس ديكور الكافيه اللي..."
Aya Gamal
"افضل كافيهات بورسعيد طعم وأسعار المشروبات..."
TURBO CARS - تيربو كارز
"الاهتمام بجودة الطلبات..."
ibrahim soliman
"مكان ممتاز بس الاسعار..."
Mohamed Elsheakh
"نظيف جدا و اسلوب راقي في التعامل و مناسب جدا للشباب و ايضا..."
Ayman Abu Elhussin
"الديكور جامد جدا 80% زي ف..."
Marwan Aladdin
"المكان جميل..."
Yara Gomaa